Travel Buddy Spotlight: Meet Josh Gillen


Ever since Day 1, making friends at DIS was actually quite simple. I remember walking in at the Clarion Hotel at Copenhagen Airport, where the arrival orientation took place, and immediately started a great conversation with seven other DIS students about where we were from, what we study, and of course, where we wanted to travel this semester. In many ways, it felt like freshmen year all over again when everyone seems to be so enthusiastic about meeting new people. But what makes it more special for me personally is the fact that I also have an amazing homestay network, a group of DIS students who are living around your homestay, designed to be your social support throughout the semester. My network bonded from week one and have hung out every week since, some of us have either traveled together or will travel together at some point this semester, which is a key part of a student’s study abroad experience. One of these guys from my homestay network is Josh from Rhode Island, a junior at the University of Notre Dame, and who joined be in Belgium, and will be traveling with me to Munich, Iceland, Poland, and most likely somewhere else that is currently unplanned.

Enjoy the short video! 

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