Iceland Part 1: Food Tour, Futbol & 30,000 Steps


As promised, here is part one of the Iceland vlog series aka the best place I’ve ever been. I realized it is very hard to encapsulate the beauty of the country and our experience in one video, so here is part one. This was our first day in Reykjavik where Josh and I simply walked around the city, went on a very filling and awesome Icelandic food tour, climbed a Church where we saw a soccer field in the distance, and then played some futbol! Part 2 will be uploaded within the next week which features our Iceland squad, the Blue Lagoon, the search for the Northern Lights, the incredible scenery from the South Coast (volcanos, glaciers, beaches, and more!) In all, this was one of the best days of my abroad experience and clocked in a total of 30,000 steps which is a new record, breaking my old record of 29,097 steps in Belgium and guess who was also there on that trip…yep.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it! 

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