A Trip with My Homestay Network: Hillerød Takes Poland


One of the trips that I’ve been looking forward to the most was my visit to Krakow, Poland. It wasn’t initially on my list of places to visit but after finding a great roundtrip airfare on Norwegian, I decided to go for it. To makes things better, four friends from my homestay network also went on the trip. The city has now become one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited, thanks to its great food, vibrant energy, incredible architecture and above all, it’s affordable prices. We went to Starka, the number one Polish restaurant in the city and went all out, and our bill still came under 20 dollars per person. Our delicious and filling breakfast at Milkbar Tomasza the next two mornings averaged less than 10 dollars. Out of all the cities I’ve visited so far, Krakow is what I definitely would recommend people visiting.

Enjoy the latest vlog episode of our adventure to what is now my favorite city from this semester with my favorite people from DIS.


Always a struggle to take a decent group pic 


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