The Struggle for the Visually Challenged: How to Get Contact Lenses in Denmark


If you’re like me, then you’re visually challenged. And if you’re really like me, then you break your pair of glasses on the first week of school. Luckily, I was able to bring a backup pair but unfortunately, it was my old prescription. When I tell my friends that studying abroad is so fun that it has become a blur, I meant it literally.

The Struggle

I’ve been meaning to order some new glasses or contact lenses from the US for a while now but the shipping time and fee was too insane. I searched through Google about places that I could potentially go to order some contact lenses which lead me to a Reddit post that suggested several websites, including Lensway DK. They have over 100 types of contact lenses, including the brand that I’ve used before, Air Optix Aqua. Unfortunately, I had to wait several more weeks to receive my CPR number as it was required upon checkout. Your CPR card is essentially your pass to the universal healthcare system in Denmark and in addition, it’s also sometimes needed when you sign up for gym memberships, library access, and other services.

When Things Are Actually Cheaper in Denmark

One of the things that surprised me however was the price of the contact lenses. In the US, I order mine through 1-800 contacts, before shipping fees, the cost of two boxes (with six contacts each) was over $200. With Lensway DK, I was able to get the two boxes of the same brand with shipping, fees, and a 250 ml contact lens solution for only $67. That’s nearly 70 percent off! It’s finally great to see that something is actually significantly cheaper in Denmark because just about everything else is more expensive.

It even came with a very thoughtful right eye and left eye stickers, which is helpful especially if you have two different prescriptions for each eye, like I do.

The Process and Packaging

I ordered my contact lenses through their website and thanks to Google Chrome’s language translation function, I was able to navigate through the website without the help of my host parents. Keep in mind that the email confirmation that you receive are all written in Danish, so just use Google Translate. Unlike 1-800 contacts, you also don’t need to post your official prescription or reference your optometrist, so if you know your prescription, then you should be set to go. Shipping took 2 business days as promised and I was able to easily pick it up at DIS. The package came in a nice pink box with all the contents neatly placed inside. For future reference, you can have letters and packages mailed to you from DIS by using this format as your address:

(student’s name)
c/o DIS Copenhagen
Vestergade 7
DK- 1456 Copenhagen K

Keep in mind that the desk is only available to give out packages from 11:00AM to 2:00PM and they return the packages to the sender’s address if you don’t pick it up within 14 days. You will get an email from DIS if they have received your package. It’s easy as that!

Thanks for reading unless you weren’t able to because you still need contacts.


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