Day Trip Wednesdays: To…Copenhagen?


Last week after our travel break, my friend Dani and I had an interesting conversation. We vented out on how we were exhausted…from traveling. I know that seems to be the opposite of a problem and it really is but I think study abroad students in Europe often get overwhelmed by the fact that traveling to another country is very easy. As a result, we often overdo it. In the past two months at DIS, I have traveled every weekend including two Wednesdays when I flew to a different country for a quick day trip. I often forget that Copenhagen itself is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and coming here was a conscious decision. After all, I claimed it as my favorite city I’ve visited.

I’ve spent more time exploring the areas around DIS and eating at my favorite local restaurant, Cafe Katz 

Copenhagen As My Home

Within the past two weeks, I made it my goal to explore more of Copenhagen. I started going to different coffee shops and restaurants more, going for a run after school around Old Town, and made the effort to visit the “touristy” spots in the city. Today, my friends Josh, Ava, and I walked around the city to Christianshavn and Christiania, grabbed lunch at a local Thai restaurant, and set up post at the National Library to do some homework. It was a simple but fun day which reminded me of how wonderful Copenhagen is.

At the National Library, a great place to study and do homework if you need a change from working at DIS. 

DIS Classes & Copenhagen

Two of the classes that I am currently taking, Travel Writing and Danish Language and Culture has also encouraged me to explore the city more. In Travel Writing for example, we were tasked to go around Israel Plads, a main square located within a few minutes walk from DIS and home to the Glass Market, an indoor food market that has plenty of great restaurants, cafes, and dozens of shops that sell things like wine, cheese, meats, fresh seafood, Asian snacks like Philippine Dried Mangos (!!!) and many more. In Danish Language and Culture, our cultural assignment asked us to present the history and cultural significance of Nyahvn, arguably the most iconic area in Copenhagen. Nyahvn which means “New Harbor” is the iconic waterfront in the city that has the colorful houses lined up by the water. Chances are, if you Google “Copenhagen” you’re going to see Nyahvn as the first 50 results.

Nyhavn frozen during the crazy snowy week we had.

I’m really excited when spring finally comes (it ever comes) – I am sure the city will even be more beautiful with the popup shops, sunny weather, longer days, and less rain and snow.

Thanks for reading! 

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